Warna / Hasil AkhirCPX500II DRB:

  • CPX500II DRB:
  • CPX500II Natural:
  • CPX500II Black:
  • CPX500II Old Violin Sunburst:



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The world most sold electric acoustic guitar, 500 series now reveals its upgraded version.
Cosmetically stage-aggressive attitude with refined hue is totally new to classic rock generation as well as live fanatic new comers. This is an excitement generator with Yamaha’s own upgraded electric system and excellent playability.

Warna dan hasil akhir yang ada bervariasi dari produk asli.

With an exclusive Medium-jumbo body, CPX guitars boast powerful, rich bass combined with smooth, delicate highs and sweet mid-range for an open, modern voice. Non-scalloped X-type bracing ensures a powerful yet controlled tone that allows the guitar to deliver strong, rich acoustic sounds while still remaining clear and usable on-stage.

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