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ADECIA Ceiling Solution System Configuration Guide [735KB]
ADECIA Firmware Compatibilities [110KB]
ADECIA Firmware Previous versions information [106KB]
ADECIA Tabletop Solution System Configuration Guide [672KB]
BIM Data for Revit (ADECIA_RM-CR, RM-CG, SWR-2311P-10G, VXL1-16P) [12.7MB]
BIM Data for Revit (RM-CG) [5.2MB]
BIM Data for Revit (RM-CR) [2.8MB]
BIM Data for Revit (VXL1-16P) [1005KB]
CAD Data (RK-SWR) [15KB]
CAD Data (SWR2311P-10G) [177KB]
CAD Data (VXL1-16P) [261KB]
CAD Data (WK-SWR) [28KB]
Case Study - YVC-1000 - Chuo University [261KB]
Case Study - YVC-1000 - Marubeni [409KB]
Case Study - YVC-1000 - Summit Public Schools [87.1MB]
Case Study - YVC-1000/200 - Snow Peak Business Solutions [317KB]
Data Sheet (SWR2311P-10G, RK-SWR, WK-SWR, SFP-SWRG-SX, SFP-SWRG-LX) [2.2MB]
Data Sheet (VXL1B-16P, VXL1W-16P) [362KB]
License Agreement of Open-Source Software Used in Yamaha SWR2311P-10G [573KB]
Monitored Parameters on ProVisionaire Edge V1.0.0 [177KB]
ProVisionaire Edge Setup Manual [289KB]
RK-SWR Dimensions [97KB]
RM-CG - CAD Drawing [1.2MB]
RM-CG - Datasheet [1.6MB]
RM-CG A&E - Datasheet [41KB]
RM-CG Firmware Previous versions information [46KB]
RM-CG Voice Lift System (Ver. 1.00) [1.4MB]
RM-CR - CAD Drawing [251KB]
RM-CR - Datasheet [761KB]
RM-MRK - CAD Drawing [95KB]