Marc Broussard


The vintage-inspired L26 reminds us of tradition of Yamaha guitars. Open-gear tuners and overall settled cosmetics draw interest of many players who appreciate history, tradition and good-old days. Like its appearance, the sound of L26 is open and mature while offering Yamaha's exclusive comfort and playability.


The classic look and tone of the AES1500 plus the famous Bigsby B-6 Tremolo for added appeal to the country and rock 'n roll performer.

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Denny Chasmala

Denny Chasmala

Denny Chasmala adalah seorang produser dan session player. Di industri musik, banyak karyanya menjadi lagu hits di Indonesia. Selain sebagai gitaris dan produser, Denny Chasmala dikenal sebagai pribadi yang sederhana dan dikenal baik oleh komunitas musik di Indonesia