50th Anniversary of Yamaha Wind Instruments

50 Tahun Wind Instrument Yamaha

Alat tiup Yamaha yang pertama kali dibuat yaitu trumpet YTR-1 di rilis pada tahun 1966 Since then, Yamaha has developed a wide range of brass and woodwind instruments utilising the latest technologies as well as skills honed over the last 50 years.
Working with everyone from professional musicians to those who are taking their first musical breath, Yamaha will continue on this journey to enrich people’s lives through music.

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- 1975

  • 1966,
    The first Yamaha branded wind instrument, the YTR-1 trumpet was launched.
  • 1966,
    Renold Schilke joined forces with Yamaha as a brass instruments development consultant.
  • 1967,
    The first Yamaha branded saxophones, YAS-1 and YTS-1 were launched.
  • 1967,
    Yamaha wind instruments were exhibited at NAMM Show in Chicago, USA.
  • 1967-69,
    New "Professional" series were launched to expand the line-up.
  • 1970,
    Yamaha opened Toyooka factory as the headquarter of its wind instrument manufacturing.
  • 1970,
    19 models of high-end "Custom" series trumpets were launched.
  • Play the video1972,
    Eugene Rousseau joined forces with Yamaha as a saxophone development consultant.
  • An example of Yamaha's catalogue in the 1970's.
  • Yamaha's manufacturing staff in factories in the 1970's.
  • 1973,
    Yamaha started development in collaboration with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • 1973,
    Yamaha established the Yamaha Technical Academy (formerly the Yamaha Wind Instrument Repair School).
  • 1973,
    YFL-61 & 63 high-end handmade flutes were launched.
  • 1974,
    The YCL-81 & 85 "Custom" series clarinets were launched.
  • 1975,
    YFL-81 & 83 high-end handmade flutes were launched.

1976 - 1985

  • 1976,
    Rotary tuba YBB-641 was launched.
  • 1977,
    Atelier Tokyo was opened in Japan.
  • 1977,
    6 models of "Custom" series trombones were launched.
  • 1978,
    YAS-62/YSS-62 saxophones were launched after consultation with Eugene Rousseau, a milestone for Yamaha saxophones.
  • 1979,
    12 Aida trumpets were produced following an order by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.
  • 1979,
    5 "Custom" series horns were released.
  • 1979,
    Atelier Hamburg was opened in Germany.
  • The partnership between Madison Scouts(USA) and Yamaha started since 1985.

1986 - 1995

  • 1986,
    Atelier Vienna was opened in Austria.
  • 1986,
    YOB-811 & 822 "Custom" oboes were launched.
  • 1987,
    YFG-811 "Custom" bassoon was launched.
  • 1988,
    Yamaha established a Research & Development section in New York, USA.
  • 1988,
    YAS-855 and 875 "Custom" saxophones were launched.
  • 1990,
    YTR-8335US "Xeno" trumpet was launched (Japan only).
  • 1991,
    Bobby Shew model trumpet YTR-6310Z was released.
  • 1991,
    A letter of appreciation by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra was delivered as a result of instrument development collaboration.
  • 1995,
    The first SILENT Brass™ for trumpet SB7 was launched.
  • 1995,
    The first "Hamamatsu International Wind Instrument Academy and Festival" was held.
  • 1998,
    Yamaha started wind instrument production in Indonesia.

1996 - 2005

  • 2000,
    Yamaha started wind instrument production in China.
  • 2001,
    The YEP-842S "Custom" euphonium was launched.
  • 2002,
    "Custom EX" and "Custom Z" saxophones were launched.
  • 2004,
    Lead-free Solder was introduced reducing the impact on the evironment.
  • 2005,
    Yamaha produced its 10 millionth wind instrument.
  • 2005,
    YTR-9445CHS "Xeno Artist Model" trumpet was launched.

2006 -

  • 2008,
    Atelier Los Angeles was opened in the USA.
  • Play the video2009,
    "Duet+" technology was introduced to the oboe line-up, designed to make wooden wind instruments more stable.
  • Play the video2009,
    Yamaha Symphonic Band marked it 50th anniversary.
  • 2013,
    The 2nd generation of SILENT Brass™ was launched winning design awards around the world.
  • Play the video2014,
    Full line-up of "Neo" series, instruments for british brass bands, was launched.
  • 2014,
    YRS-401/402B plant-based plastic recorders were launched.
  • Play the video2014,
    The "Hamamatsu International Wind Instruments Academy and Festival" marked its 20th anniversary.
  • 2015,
    The"Xeno" trumpet 25th anniversary limited edition was released.
  • 2016,
    The "Xeno" Trombone 20th anniversary limited edition was released.
  • 2016,
    Yamaha Wind Instruments celebrates its 50th anniversary.