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Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 Gets FDA Approval

Quality equals credibility, at least that’s how Chad Heupel sees it. It’s also why the Director of the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) studio recently purchased the Yamaha RIVAGE PM10 digital mixing console: to enhance the production values of the administration’s content and keep its studio capabilities current and relevant well into the future.

Always Playing: London Symphony Orchestra and Yamaha Keep Classical Music Live

Audience and community engagement, music education and global co-operation have always been at the heart of the London Symphony Orchestra’s activities. Working with long-term partner Yamaha, the orchestra has accelerated its digital outreach programme in recent months, helping its musicians to perform together again and for worldwide audiences to enjoy the unique experience of live classical performance.

Firmware SWR2311P-10G V2.02.17, Firmware SWR2310 V2.04.04 telah Dirilis.

Fitur baru:Sekarang mendukung fungsi server-server RADIUS.

Firmware SWP2 V2.03.09 telah Dirilis.

Fitur baru:Sekarang mendukung fungsi server-server RADIUS.

Firmware SWP1 Rev2.01.09 telah Dirilis.

Memperbaiki beberapa masalah.

Monitor LAN Yamaha V1.5.7 telah Dirilis.

Peningkatan:Monitor LAN Yamaha sekarang dapat mengelola konfigurasi stack untuk SWR2310-28GT dengan firmware Rev. 2.04.04 atau lebih baru. Beberapa perbaikan bug juga akan disertakan.

RIVAGE PM10 Untuk Mixing Sebuah Produksi Multi-Sensorik Pemenang Penghargaan di Singapura

Pada tahun 2018, seniman Singapura, Inch Chua, melakukan perjalanan ke Antartika sebagai bagian dari Climate Force International Antarctic Expedition, yang dipimpin oleh penjelajah terkenal yaitu Robert Swan. Dia mengubah pengalaman tersebut menjadi produksi multi-sensorik pemenang penghargaan, 'Til The End Of The World, I'll Meet In No Man's Land, yang menggunakan produksi audio binaural kompleks, yang dikirim ke audiens melalui banyak headphone dengan sistem monitoring in-ear imersif KLANG Fabrik. Produksinya di-mix pada sistem mixing digital Yamaha RIVAGE PM10.

Yamaha and NEXO Systems Get into the Swing of Java Jazz

2020 marked the 16th annual Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival (JJF) with performances from both local artist and international acts. This festival is one of the largest jazz festival in the world, with this year’s event spanning three days from February 28th until March 1st and attended by over 100,000 people from Indonesia and surrounding countries. Held in Jakarta International Expo (JIExpo), the festival ground is known as one of the largest exhibition venues in Indonesia. Java Jazz 2020 had 11 stages, 8 indoor and 3 outdoor stages.

RIVAGE PM Firmware V4.12, RIVAGE PM Editor V4.1.2 Released.

New feature:Now supports CS-R3 control surface, and DSP "Parameter Mirror" mode which synchronizes parameters between two DSP engines for systems that do not use TWINLANe.

Console File Converter V5.2.0 Released.

New feature:Now supports conversion from the file with the extension ".RIVAGEPM" used in CS-R5, CS-R3, and CS-R10 with V4.0.0 and later.