Quick Start

Quick Start


Installing Batteries

The device is powered by two AA alkaline or nickel-metal hydride rechargeable batteries.


Connecting the instrument, and more


Connecting SessionCakes

Connects other SessionCakes. Up to eight SessionCakes can be connected by using the two CHAINs.


Start a session!

Turn the power switch ON.

Adjust levels by listeningto each other’s sound.

Adjust levels by listeningto each other’s sound.

[Me] Your volume (does NOT affect other players) *

First, set this to the center. If necessary, adjust [Me] after adjusting the other knobs.

[INPUT] Your volume (affects other players) *

[PAN] Your stereo pan position (affects other players) *

[PHONES] Your headphone level

Simple Expansion

Connecting an iOS device to AUX with the supplied 4-pole mini cable allows you to record (mono) the session to your recording apps and to use effect apps.

Using Recording Apps

Using Effect Apps

*Sliding the MUTE DIRECT switch to right cuts the unprocessed (dry) sound when you use the effect apps.