Attitude’s low-end is powerful and bold, yet tight and controlled. The highs are clear and musical and the mid drives with a power rarely heard. The latest technology, including our spline jointed body and exclusive ARE and IRA wood treatments together with newly designed pickups and a totally reworked neck joint make this bass something else. And with Billy’s involvement every step of

the way, playability is like no other guitar. It’s clearly an Attitude, but it’s an Attitude like you’ve never heard it before.


Rp60,970,000 *Harga retail (termasuk PPN)

Colors / Finishes

Attitude yang legendaris dari Billy Sheehan terlahir kembali. Dibuat di Yamaha Music Craft, Bass buatan tangan Attitude Limited 3 menonjolkan suara Billy yang dibawa ke level yang baru, dengan karakteristik yang disempurnakan. Tersedia dalam warna Sonic Blue dan Attitude classic Black yang sensasional.

  • Yamaha Designed DiMarzio Woofer Pickup and DiMarzio WillPower Pickup
  • Spline Joint 3-Piece body
  • Miter Bolting Neck Joint
  • A.R.E. and I.R.A. treatment
  • Hipshot "D" Tuner
  • Made in Japan

The colors and finishes shown may vary from those on the actual products.