YFG-812/812C Bassoons Tidak Dilanjutkan

Two Body Types

The YFG-811 (left) features a standard body wall thickness, providing universal compatibility and broad expressive capability for the widest range of players and playing styles. The YFG-812 (right) has a heavier 4-millimeter thick body wall, resulting in a darker tone that blends well with the modern orchestra.

Key Systems

The key systems on these instruments are hand-assembled by experienced craftsmen, with emphasis on superior quality and playability. A balancer and Bb key guard are standard, and a roller system and oversized left-hand thumb key facilitate performace of difficult passages. The left-hand little finger key and right-hand thumb and little finger keys have been located in the most natural, comfortable positions for significantly enhanced playability, allowing the performer to focus the music not the instrument.

Case (YFG-812)

YFG-812 comes with FGC-802N case.

Case (YFG-812C)

YFG-812C is a compact type bassoon and has an extra joint which permits the use of a smaller case, FGC-802C.