Supplies power to PoE-enabled Dante devices on the network

Supplies power to PoE-enabled Dante devices on the network

The "SWR2100P series” which are simple L2 switches can supply power as well as audio and control signals to a PoE-compliant Dante device such as the paging station microphone “PGM1” through just one Ethernet cable. Since the power supply and the network wiring can be combined, the number of cables being used can be reduced, and the connection distance can be extended, so the degree of freedom of Dante device installation is increased and construction flexibility is further improved.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Comprehensive Monitoring

Systems built around the SWR2100P-5G or SWR2100P-10G L2 switches allow comprehensive network monitoring from the dedicated Yamaha LAN Monitor software application, with PoE power status monitoring and ON/OFF switching capability.

Ulasan Lengkap Jaringan

Memahami bagaimana berbagai switch diinstal dan dihubungkan di lokasi yang berbeda-beda, ditambah bagaimana perangkat-perangkat jaringan dihubungkan ke switch-switch tersebut, bisa menjadi pekerjaan yang sulit dan memakan waktu. Yamaha LAN Monitor membuat keseluruhan topologi jaringan terlihat dengan jelas, memberi gambaran komprehensif kepada pengguna tentang bagaimana berbagai switch dan perangkat-perangkat jaringan Dante saling berhubungan. Cukup hubungkan komputer ke switch SWR2100P series terdekat lalu jalankan perangkat lunak Yamaha LAN Monitor.

Snapshot Function Makes Troubleshooting Easy

You can take a “snapshot” of the network status when set up as required. The software can then automatically keep track of the settings and alert you to any changes. You could take a snapshot of the network, and then you would be alerted if a cable is disconnected, if a device is turned off, or if a wrong connection is made prior to the performance, for example.

Enhanced Device ID with Icons, Labels and Comments

Identifying devices connected to a switch by only their IP or MAC address is a difficult and error-prone approach. Connected Dante devices are identified by a Dante icon as well as a device ID previously set up via the Dante Controller software. You can also enter additional info, such as the location of the device, in the Label and Comment fields.

Memantau secara kolektif dan menyalakan ulang perangkat yang didistribusikan di area yang luas dari jarak jauh

Jika perangkat pemantauan tidak merespons Ping, maka perangkat menilai bahwa kesalahan telah terjadi dan secara otomatis menghentikan suplai daya PoE ke perangkat tersebut dan kemudian melanjutkannya. Kondisi ini menjalankan ulang peralatan pemantauan dan mengupayakan pemulihan. Dengan secara efektif mengelola status perangkat yang didistribusikan di area yang luas, dapat memastikan bahwa pengelolaan peralatan dapat beroperasi jauh lebih lancar.