Restaurants / Bars [Indoor]

A powerful PA system featuring a powered mixer and portable, lightweight loudspeakers suitable for live band music performance in an indoor restaurant or bar that requires high quality sound even on a limited budget.

- Powered mixer dan 2x speaker pasif untuk suara front of housedan 1 powered speaker untuk monitor.

- Daya output besar 2 x 710W. [Powered Mixer EMX7]

- Fungsi Speaker Preset memungkinkan Anda memilih preset CBR untuk mengoptimalkan performa speaker dan mengurangi waktu pengaturan. [Powered Mixer EMX7]

- Kabinet yang kokoh dan sangat portabel. [Loudspeaker CBR12]

- Speaker floor monitor memiliki sudut kemiringan 57° yang dioptimalkan. [Powered loudspeaker DHR12M]

Kategori Model Jumlah
Mixing Console EMX7 1
Power Amplifier - -
Speaker Utama CBR12 (Loudspeaker) 2
Subwoofer - -
Monitor Speaker DHR12M (Powered Speaker) 1



Powerful & High Efficiency Class-D Amplifier

Powerful & High Efficiency Class-D Amplifier

The EMX7 features a built-in high-efficiency power amplifier of 2 x 710W of output power. Despite their low power consumption, these amps are capable of very high volume output, yet still manage to remain surprisingly lightweight. The model also comes equipped with an onboard overload protection function to improve reliability and prolong component life and performance quality.

Speaker Processor and Preset

Speaker Processor and Preset

The speaker processor function allows you to select an appropriate setting to match the particular speakers you’re using. It features presets specifically tuned for each model in Yamaha’s extensive lineup of passive speakers, including CBR series. This allows users to optimize speaker performance and save even more time during system setup. It also includes a bass boost function that can be enabled to significantly bring out the lower frequencies.

Highly Portable Enclosure Design

Highly Portable Enclosure Design

CBR Series speakers feature a very compact, durable, and lightweight plastic cabinet equipped with newly designed, ergonomic handles that greatly minimize system transport and setup.



Powered mixer yang kuat dan portabel dengan box-type

- Power output 710 W + 710 W (4 Ω), 500 W + 500 W (8 Ω)

- Input Maks. 8 Mic/12 Line (8 mono + 4 stereo)

- Input High-Z (channel 4) untuk menghubungkan gitar atau bass secara langsung

- Equalizer Grafik Flex 9

- Feedback suppressor onboard

- Efek berkualitas tinggi: SPX dengan 24 program

- Preset Speaker Yamaha untuk pengaturan optimal



Loudspeaker 2-way berukuran 12"

- Maksimum SPL 125dB peak

- Box plastik yang tahan lama

- Ringkas dan ringan 13,9 kg (30,6 lb)

- Titik rigging M8 terintegrasi untuk penggunaan dengan cara digantung

- Braket Opsional (BBS251, BCS251, BWS215-300, BWS251-400) dan Cover Speaker (SPCVR-1201)


Yamaha Powered Loudspeaker DHR12M

Powered loudspeaker 2-way berukuran 12”

- Amplifier Class-D 1000 W

- Coaxial compression driver

- SPL maksimum 129 dB (peak)

- Multi-band dynamic processor D-CONTOUR

- Mixer 2-channel onboard yang mudah digunakan

- Ringkas dan ringan (16,5 kg/36,4 lb)

- Box plywood kayu profil rendah dan tahan lama dengan lapisan polyurea

- Soket pole mount 35 mm